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7 Second Speedy Fix Quick Bonding Glue Professional

7 Second Speedy Fix Quick Bonding Glue Professional

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7 Second Speedy Fix Quick Bonding Glue Professional Fast-Dry Reinforcing Adhesive for Metal Plastic Wood Ceramic Repair


  • Rapid Solidification
  • Strong Cohesive Force
  • Widely Use Range
  • Easy Operation
  • Powder Color: Black, Grey, Clear
Widely used in the radiator, bumper, dashboard, grill, sliding door, radiator, motorcycle fairing, electric switch, door handle, cap used in aluminium products to repair fracture adhesion, and damage to fill. Can also be applied to children’s toys and other plastic products, PVC material of pipe adhesion and repair and so on. 
Package includes:
1 X 10ml Adhesive
1 X 10ml Powder
  • 1. Clean the hole and tape the back of the hole.
  • 2. Pour the appropriate amount of powder into the hole and use a glue stick to help pour the powder into the hole.
  • 3. Pour glue and let it solidify. Wait 5-10 minutes.
  • 4. Polish the excess powder when filling the hole and paint if necessary.  
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