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Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent

Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent

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 Keep the water from seeping in through your home with this instant leak-trapping repair agent!

This quick-drying, waterproof sealant provides effective anti-leak protection by instantly repairing and filling holes, gaps, and cracks. Its excellent bonding prevents heavy drippings, pooling, and wet patches, making it ideal for rainy months. The leak-trapping coat can withstand continuous extreme weather conditions without sagging, melting, or flaking.

The repair agent offers impressive permanent protection that does not degrade overtime so you won’t have to reapply anymore. It has a paintable, invisible sealing finish which makes it more clean and available for any surface without ruining their look. Simply apply the product directly to the damaged area. Suitable for stopping seepage in your roofs, walls, pipeworks, guttering, toilet, windows, and other leaking areas. 


  • Instant Water-Tight Sealing :- Quick-curing liquid sealant for instant water-tight sealing, efficiently repairing and filling holes, gaps, and cracks. Its waterproof formula provides durable protection against rain and moisture, ensuring a strong bonding effect to prevent leakages. No more worries about drips and wet patches, especially during rainy seasons.

  • Excellent Temperature Resistance :- The leak-trapping agent can withstand constant exposure to UV rays and the hotness of summer without sagging or melting. It won’t also create cracks or flaking when the extreme wintry months come. Allowing it to stay in its tip-top shape whatever the season is for maximum sealing.

  • Long-Lasting Protection :- This powerful anti-leakage sealing offers an easy and quick application with an outstanding permanent solution. It does not weaken or create a gooey mess and bubbles even after a long year of continuous protection. What’s more? The coating agent does not need to be reapplied over and over as it won’t also dissipate, unlike other leak-sealing products.

  • Crystal Clear Coat :- The handy agent provides a transparent protective sealing finish which makes it invisible and cleaner. It allows you to repair and waterproof various seepage projects without ruining their aesthetic look. The cured coat can be also painted with any color if you want a more seamless effect and it does not discolor overtime.    

  • Easy Application
    This invisible repair agent is flexible to use and can be applied evenly and mess-free to any surface with smooth maneuverability. Simply clean the area first then apply the product directly to the damaged to fill and repair using a brush. 
  • Wide Application :- This odor-free, non-toxic sealant bonds effectively with various surfaces, including bricks, wood, tiles, and more. Perfect for stopping leaks in roofs, walls, pipeworks, gutters, toilets, windows, and other areas.

  • Weight: 30g,100g
  • 1x Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent. 

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